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WebSimplify launches new website with website builder for the SMB market.

Jason Davila - Tuesday, July 06, 2010

WebSimplify, a leading provider of web design & internet solutions is excited to announce they have gone live with a newly overhauled website, highlighting new services for businesses looking to build an online presence and simplify and grow their existing online presence. These products include custom design & development, the All-In-One Web Solution, search engine optimization (SEO), social media solutions and their newly released SAAS Application.

  • Build Your Online Business - WebSimplify offers a couple different solutions to help businesses build their online presence, depending on budget and need.
  • Custom Web Design - WebSimplify prides themselves in building custom web sites, filled with cutting-edge functionality and the latest in design trends.
  • - Pre-Designed Websites - WebSimplify is proud to announce the release of a new service allowing clients who don't have the budget for a custom designed website to still have a web presence, but at a 1/3 the cost. Using professionally created, pre-designed websites, the client will be up-and-running and live within 5 business days after supplying all of their content and branding material to WebSimplify.
  • Simple SEO Services - WebSimplify will help you to be found on all the major search engines by analyzing your keywords, backlinks, link popularity and analyzing your competitors sites. Their team of experts will analyze your keywords being targeted and recommend similar terms to maximize the site's traffic potential, build in-bound links from a blend of sources, analyze existing content and track and report the progress being made.
  • Social Media - WebSimplify uses popular social networking websites in combination with blogs to help boost a sites online presence. The process starts by searching for relevant keywords in social networking applications. We then filter conversations that contain important keywords pertaining to your locale, we respond to location-based conversations to drive traffic to your landing pages, and broadcast important material to blogs and social networking sites. Our data is tracked accordingly to show results.


Simplify Your Online Presence - With WebSimplify's All-In-One Web Solution you can now take back control of your website. One username, one password, one bill.


Websimplify's All-In-One Solution makes online business easier and more profitable. They have integrated multiple internet tools, such as Web Hosting, Ecommerce, CMS (Content Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Site Analytics & Reports, Blogs & Email Marketing into one area. With the Content Management System clients can now edit their own website, without having to call a web designer. The Customer Relationship Management software allows the business owner to capture leads on their website with the use of web forms. Having an organized customer relationship management system allows the marketing and sales team to contact and market to their clients more efficiently. Using the integrated Email Marketing system, business owners can stay in constant touch with their clients by sending newsletters or email marketing campaigns. The Ecommerce solution is a robust answer to anyone looking to sell their products online.


Jason Davila, WebSimplify co-founder and creative director said, "Before we started WebSimplify, as a freelance designer I would design a website for a client and hand them this intangible deliverable that they weren't sure what to do with. Now we can hand over a website and give the client assurance that they have control again".


About WebSimplify
With offices in San Jose and Sacramento,CA, WebSimplify offers web & internet solutions to small business owners, entrepreneurs & web designers, alike. We have made it our mission to make the web easier for you, the web site owners. With the philosophy that the web needs to be simpler for the common business person who has or needs an online presence, we have taken it upon ourselves to assist that process with a list of services that will not only help you to build that online presence, but once you are up-and-running make sure the process is simple for you and we will continue to help you grow.



Jason Davila 


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